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The Utopia of Stillness

Eastern Oregon University - Student Show

February 2 - March 22, 2023


“Utopia” is defined as a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. Yet, when students were asked to imagine their own utopias, many turned to places of comfort and bounty. Ironically, the artists produced images that evoke feelings of peace, slowness, and familiarity. Perhaps our idealized version of life is finding stillness in the everyday. 


Painting and screen printing students created these pieces in the fall term of 2022 on the Eastern Oregon University campus.

This show was curated by senior art major, Corrina Stadler.




Summer Respite
Summer Respite by Gretchen Litzlbeck


View from home
View From Home by Alexis Lowe


Meow by Mckenna Stallings


June hike
June Hike by Theresa Noldeke


17th century
17th Century by April Curtis


Untitled by Koedi Birmingham


Happiest Ambience
Happiest Ambience by Tess Cahill


Can I get a follow
Can I get a Follow? by Jessica Hitzman


Untitled by Cira Mesubed


Untitled by Tess Cahill


Untitled by Mckenna Stallings


Utopia by Cira Mesubed


Untitled by Cira Mesubed


Through our front window
Through Our Front Window by Tess Cahill


Can i get a follow
Can't Save Myself and Everybody Else by Mckenna Stallings