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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

We take our role in this community seriously as selectors of what books are available to read, what activities are open to all, and what voices are heard. Below are ways we are working to operationalize equity at Cook Memorial Library. We believe the work of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility is the work of everyone. This work is ever evolving and is never done. We continue to stretch, grow, and set new goals. 


We are guided by our mission to provide the resources and services needed to open doors to life-long learning; to fulfill citizens' information needs; and to offer and support cultural and recreational activities. We believe in constantly improving our skills as staff to best welcome and respect people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We embrace the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights—adopted in 1939 and supplemented with modern interpretations to evolve with the times. We also acknowledge the historical legacy of unequal access that public libraries have in the United States and we are actively involved in rebuilding an equitable institution.

Here at Cook Memorial Library, we have been working on specific goals set out in our Edge Community Assessment, which measures technology accessibility in public libraries. 

Collections: We select books and materials to create both windows to the world and mirrors to reflect our community’s own interests. Some examples of recent progress include:

We intentionally purchase materials from diverse and emerging authors. Our fiction collections - adult, young adult, and children - have transformed with these efforts, which continue on. 

We have maintained a children's Spanish language collection and recognize the growing need to provide an adult Spanish-language collection. In recognition of this need, the Library has applied for a grant through the "Libros en Oregon" program; if this grant is not funded, the Library will, instead, devote a percentage of its annual book budget on acquiring adult Spanish-language materials. We also recognize the possible need for library materials that appeal to our local Asian and Pacific Islander communities; we plan to conduct a community study to identify which API languages we need to add to our collections. 

Programs & Events: As the demographics in La Grande change, we are working to meet the community’s needs. In the past, the Library has offered a Spanish-language story time for children and their caregivers. 

In 2021, the Library, in partnership with Eastern Oregon University, will begin offering GED tutoring and testing services in the Literacy Center. In Fall 2021, the Library and EOU hope to begin offering 1:1 academic tutoring for the local school district students (possibly in Spanish too).

Spaces: The Library has been working on improving the accessibility and welcoming atmosphere of the physical facility and this website.

In Spring 2021, we installed a new self-checkout machine that has more space around it, making it easier to use for families and patrons using assistive devices.

A computer station with adaptive technology will be added in 2021. The large-type keyboard, larger default screen resolution, and track ball mouse will all help accommodate low vision and fine motor skills. In Spring 2021, the Library added an Assistive Technology toolkit that contains the following:

  • Keyboard - Large-type, high-contrast PC keyboards are helpful for patrons needing more visibility. Work stations with the keyboard are labeled with an ADA sticker.
  • Low vision note-writing frame - The frame helps patrons with low vision fill out forms or take notes during research by providing guides for even line spacing.
  • Low vision signature guide - This device creates a signature space for patrons to use when signing their name on Library cards, checks and other documents.
  • Low vision writing tablet - This wide-ruled paper offers thick, dark lines for patrons with low vision and can be used for reference or research notes.
  • 20/20 marker - This marker creates thick, dark lines for patrons with low vision to write down reference answers, such as call numbers or addresses.
  • Dome magnifier - This magnifies text or images on a page by about three to four times to help low vision patrons view part of a page.
  • Bar magnifier - This magnifies text or images on a page by about two to three times, and it is ideal for low vision patrons to use for reading lines of text.
  • Magnifying sheet - This magnifies text or images on a page by about two to three times, and it is ideal for low vision patrons to use for viewing a full document, map, etc.

Need help in another language?  We have staff at the Library who can speak Spanish. Library card applications are available in Spanish too. 

We recognize that we have much work to do and we will continue to push forward to ensure that Cook Memorial Library is an inclusive organization that provides library collections, programs, and services that meet the needs of ALL in our community.